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Why is Building Restoration Important?

Building restoration services increase the value of your property while preserving its history. They also keep your commercial building aesthetically pleasing and sound. Most importantly, restoration services find and fill any tiny cracks where water may be leaking in.

People love historical buildings, monuments, sites, and houses. But older assets require planned restoration to preserve their integrity.

Proactive maintenance will increase your asset’s longevity. So let’s explore how you can leverage commercial building restoration services to keep your structures operating at their full potential.

What is Building Restoration?

Building restoration maintains historical accuracy while ensuring the asset’s safety. Ideally, the work protects the building from any deterioration that might make it inaccessible or unrecognizable.

Restoration restores the building to its original state. To maintain the historical aesthetic, contractors work to match original building materials with modern repairs that preserve both visual and functional aspects of the property.

Some common restoration examples include:

  • Refinishing or replacing original wood flooring
  • Restoring damaged light and plumbing fixtures
  • Replacing hinges, handles, locks, and damaged doors/windows
  • Patching holes in the walls

Restoration tends to use less labor and material than remodels and full renovations. If the asset sits on a solid foundation, restoration is the most affordable option—especially if you want to preserve the building’s heritage.

Consider, for example, the approach the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation takes to preserve and restore the American architect’s iconic projects. The foundation’s Taliesin and Taliesin West preservation projects aim to restore the properties to their original state.

But the project goes beyond simply making static “house museums.” According to the organization, the team actively seeks ways to move the properties into modern relevance as well as, “reimagin[ing] spaces for other uses such as offices or apartments, stabiliz[ing] structures with respect for methods of Wright’s era, or even maintain[ing] authenticity with furniture, fabrics, or décor.”

Enhancing Property Aesthetics: Restoring Visual Appeal

Restoration is a strategic component of routine property maintenance. By taking a proactive approach, you can address small issues before they become major problems.

They say first impressions are everything. Don’t you want to put your best foot forward when people walk past your building? Professional building restoration services will enhance your property’s curb appeal and its correlating value.

If you’re operating in a historic building, wear and tear occurs on an on-going basis. Typical examples include deteriorated mortar, water damage, and concrete spalling.

Restoration may be as easy as a simple paint job. Acid rain, UV light, and air pollution impact exterior and interior paint. Restoration professionals can sometimes sample the old paint and reproduce the chemical recipe (though consider that some old colors use materials that are banned today, like lead and arsenic). Other processes, however, may be more involved.

Some signs that your building needs restoration include:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Pest damage
  • Natural wear and tear

Restoration professionals are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of deterioration and communicate their impact to the building’s manager. Addressing these issues will improve your building’s aesthetics, making it more attractive to customers and potential tenants.

Structural Integrity: Strengthening Foundations and Enhancing Safety

Beyond aesthetics, professional building restoration services ensure a structure’s safety and integrity. Standards have come a long way since many historical buildings were first constructed. There may be some unseen issues posing significant safety risks.

For example, tall buildings with deteriorating facades could see materials come loose and fall to the ground. Someone walking below the building could risk serious head injury—or worse.

Water intrusion is another major issue. Water will always find its way in through cracks in the walls and foundation; erosion makes those cracks bigger, thus allowing more water to flow.

A well-built foundation will keep as much moisture out as possible—but proactive maintenance and restoration are key to channeling water away from the property.

Restoration services also strengthen your structures against natural disasters. Flooding can compromise your entire structure if the foundation isn’t sound. Standing water in the lower levels will eventually lead to mold, which can cause serious health issues for everyone inside.

Historical Preservation: Protecting the Past for the Future

Building restoration services are the best way to preserve your asset’s historical elements. Landmarks can tell a culture’s story in one architectural structure; unfortunately, the building materials will deteriorate over time. If nothing is done, the landmark will eventually crumble.

Accuracy and authenticity are paramount to any restoration project. Professionals will conduct research regarding the materials and features used to design the original structure. Historic match and modern safety and performance factor in to the choice for material and method of repair.

Aside from visuals, restoration ensures the building withstands the test of time. This weeds out any underlying issues before they jeopardize the structure.

Attracting Tenants: Creating Desirable Spaces for Businesses

Commercial buildings need tenants to maximize their investment. However, owners will have difficulty maintaining occupancy if the building isn’t safe, structurally sound, visually appealing, and equipped with modern technology. This is where professional restoration services can bring your historic building into the modern era.

Some owners might get caught up in the history when restoring their building. When restoring your building, ensure it works for the people occupying it now. Safety, accessibility and clean environments are all important.

Safety Factors in Building Restoration

Commercial buildings must comply with modern regulations. The codes were likely different when your building was first constructed. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your building complies with today’s modern practices.

Thankfully, professional building restoration services address accessibility issues, fire safety, and structural stability, ensuring safety for everyone inside. They’ll also tackle water intrusion, which—if left untreated—can quickly lead to unhappy occupants

What Types of Building Restoration Services Do You Need?

You can leverage many types of restoration services depending on your needs. For example, some properties may need to focus on water damage, whereas others could use a full facade makeover.

Let’s unpack the most common types of restoration services to determine which is best for your building:

Facade Restoration

Perhaps your building’s exterior is deteriorating. Facade restoration could be as easy as filling cracks, repainting surfaces, and repairing/replacing architecture. A quick facade restoration can significantly increase your building’s value and visual appeal.

Masonry Restoration

Masonry restoration involves restoring the stone, bricks, and concrete used in the original construction. It is crucial to ensuring a building’s structural integrity, as cracks in the walls and foundation can lead to destructive water damage. New masonry will also improve the building’s curb appeal.

Roof Restoration

Your building’s roof has taken a beating over the years. Replacing damaged shingles, fixing leaks, and restoring its waterproofing functionalities can improve safety and energy efficiency.

Window Replacement & Restoration

Old windows are drafty and inefficient. Restoring them to look historically accurate and supporting your building’s climate control will save you money in the long run.


Fire, water, and mold can cripple any building. There may have been an issue in the past that you weren’t aware of when you first bought the facility. Whatever the case, restoration professionals can easily identify the signs of fire, smoke, and water damage.


You may want to bring your building into the 21st century (while preserving its historical appeal). This may include adding climate control systems, new wiring, and WiFi capabilities.

Restore Your Commercial Property Today

Professional building restoration services will protect your historic property.

Enlisting expert advice can also uncover hidden damage and deterioration you may not have noticed.

With Kent Companies, you’ll know you’re working with a credible, longstanding contractor with over 65 years of service to West Michigan. If you’re considering restoration services for your commercial building, contact Kent Companies for an inspection and detailed walk-through of your property.