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Craft Your Narrative: Careers in Construction Month

Careers in Construction Month is an annual, nationwide initiative designed to increase awareness and appreciation of craft professionals and the entire construction workforce. The campaign was launched to inspire the next generation of craft professionals while telling the story of the current and past workforce’s legacy.

To do our part, we are recognizing the variety of career paths to take within our industry. From craftworkers to professionals, estimating and project management to accounting and human resources, the sky is the limit. Teammates can choose their own path with a set structure for advancement and training opportunities.

How cool would it be to build landmark structures that are the backbone of your community? Careers in construction offer:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Rewarding salaries
  • Consistent work
  • High demand
  • Advanced technology and tools

Connecting with youth through student outreach and accredited trade programs is key in continuing the long history of our trade. It’s crucial to build relationships with career and technical education directors to further the conversation. Organizations, such as the West Michigan Construction Institute, are paving the way to narrow the skills gap by leading youth toward long-term careers in construction so they can proudly proclaim, “I built that.”

The time for a career in construction is now. We’re proud to play a role in setting up our future workforce for success with limitless opportunities, skills development and top-notch training.

Careers in Construction Month is hosted by Build Your Future. Click here to learn more about how you can continue crafting the narrative of careers in construction.