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Women in Construction Week 2024

The construction industry is creating over 168,000 new jobs each year. How will the industry fulfill this growth? Women in Construction (WIC) Week is one answer. WIC Week is a national initiative that highlights women who excel in construction and opens doors to more individuals to join the industry. While women represent 50.5% of the U.S. population, they comprise only 10.8% of the construction workforce. Therein lies tremendous opportunity for contractors to attract more talent to the industry.

Kent Companies Chief Talent Officer Ryan Kuczynski is observing a shift in momentum. “As we interact with students, early career professionals, and candidates across the country, we’re seeing more diversity – among men and women alike – as individuals consider how they might fit in our industry. Construction opens many career doors, from trade skills to technology, business, creative roles, and beyond. And the industry is more enticing than ever with challenging work, problem-solving, technology innovation, attractive compensation – and the opportunity to change the skyline where you live.”

Kuczynski continued, “Our message is clear: If you want to work hard, learn, improve, and be a part of something bigger than yourself, there is a place for you at Kent Companies. We want to build with you and are ready to start that conversation.”

At Kent Companies, the number of female employees has increased 21% in the past 5 years, in roles ranging from concrete place and finish to safety, and support operations. Women in Construction Week challenges us to continue that growth.

Start a conversation with our talent team, and learn how Kent Companies can help you build a lifelong, rewarding career.