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Burlington Kudos & More!

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Kudos to the Burlington Team!

Project: Burlington & HomeGoods  – Salisbury, NC

General Contractor: Berry Hutton

Kudos to the entire project team on exceeding customer expectations on Burlington! Kirt Brace, Dave Weaver, Jason Rinaldi, Steve Clark and the entire team on this project made Berry Hutton say WOW.

The recent flatness and levelness test on the 34,800 SF slab on grade exceeded project requirements.

Spec: FF 35/FL 25

Achieved: FF 56.2/FL 50.3

Hutton Director of Construction Todd Smith shared, “Wow, nice job Kent.”   Project Manager Rowdy Posey added his compliments, “You guys rock!”

The project is located within the Rowan Summit Shopping Center, which is an approximately 30 acre shopping center located in Salisbury, NC.


2019-2020 College & Career Recruiting

Recruitment season is in full swing, and we’re visiting universities and trade schools to talk to the next generation of construction industry talent. This past week, our Midwest team participated in a career fair at Northern Michigan University, which is widely-recognized for its Construction Management program.The team promoted internship opportunities available in ourMidwest, South and Southeast offices this summer.

Our recruitment and outreach plan also includes Texas State University and Middle Tennessee State University, which are two of only four schools nationwide that offer degree programs in Concrete Industry Management. If you want to recommend a high school, trade/tech school or university for our recruiting plan, contact the HR team.

Toolbox Talk: Dust Masks

Dust masks are used in situations where airborne particulates (saw dusty, drywall dust, dirt, grain dust and insulation) are generated or are present in the work environment. Dust masks protect your lungs and airway from damage due to the inhalation of airborne particulate matter. Remember these guidelines:

  • Dust masks may be worn even when a ventilation system is in place.
  • Dust masks are not approved for asbestos exposure or any other airborne hazardous material.
  • Always review material safety data sheets on the chemicals and materials you are working with. Many will not be filtered by a dust mask and the use of a respirator is required (i.e. silica)
  • Change your dust mask frequently and whenever you note any discoloration from the accumulation of particulates.
  • Beards can interfere with the proper fit of dust masks.
  • Choose the right mask for your task (i.e. sweeping, sawing, grinding, or specific contaminant filtering).

Your safety managers are always available to answer questions and provide training on selecting the right PPE and tools for the job.