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Midwest October Updates

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Four New ACI-Certified Tilt-Wall Technicians

Congratulations to Dave McCauley, Mat Gedenberg, Victor Marshall and Thomas Casillas on earning certifications as ACI Tilt-Up Technicians at the recent Tilt-Up Concrete Association national convention. After completing a professional development session, they sat for a written exam. Their commitment to professional development is a great example of the RED Code at work.

Pictured below: Mat Gedenberg and Dave McCauley working through the written exam.

Kudos to the 2100 South Tryon Project Team

Submitted by Jeff Kihm, Regional Manager

Below is a wonderful customer compliment from Bryce Sinacori  at Barringer Construction.  Barringer is a very reputable GC in the Charlotte market whom we’ve met with several times over the past year trying to gain their business.  The 2100 Tryon project is our first project with them, and Jay Wendland, Steve Clark, Justin McCall, Dave Weaver and crew have been hitting on all cylinders.  It’s not very often that a GC dishes out compliments like this one.



Ahead of the Curve: Industry-Leading PPE

Division 110 is currently testing new PPE helmets for field use. Ryan Ladner’s crew at Bronson South Haven were the first team members to be outfitted in new helmets. The helmets are coming to Pat Sullivan’s crew at The Graduate, and more job sites are being added quickly. Director of Project Management Jordan Berens shared, “Hardhat design has not been updated for over 60 years. Hard hats are also typically only designed for strikes to the top of the head.  Helmets are designed for strikes to the top of the head and to the sides of the head. The chin strap is great and prevents the cap from falling off.  Anybody who has tripped on a job site knows that typically your hard hat goes flying.”

Berens added, “I’m proud of the Division 110 team for your willingness to try new PPE and to help advance our safety culture.”

Updates from the Safety Committee

Submitted by Carl Aukeman, Safety Engineer

Over the past month we have had a spike with equipment damage on site and on the road.

  1. A shovel flew out of the bed of the truck and struck a car going down the road.
  2. Rod caps fell out of the back of a truck where they scattered across a major road.
  3. A scoop buggy fell off of a trailer due to being improperly loaded and tied down.

All of these incidents are very serious. As a company, the impact goes beyond the initial payout for the damages.We need you to report incidents immediately to the Safety Team.

Why is reporting safety incidents important?

  1. Reporting helps us fix issues in a reasonable time frame.
  2. Reporting ensures we inform all team members so everyone can prepare appropriately.
  3. Reporting increases awareness for the entire team.
  4. Reporting helps determine what training classes we offer.

The Kent Companies Safety Committee reviewed recent incidents to determine what we can do to help improve. Here’s what you can expect from your Safety Team:

  1. The Safety Team will review reporting processes and implement training to reestablish expectations.
  2. The Safety Team will share the information with field leaders to ensure everything is being accounted for with their fleet.
  3. DOT Follow up – Highlight and utilize individuals within the company who spend a large amount of their time securing and transporting loads.

The Safety Team is always there support you. If you have any questions or are unsure what to do if an incident occurs please contact them at any time.

  • David DeGraaf – 616-430-7092
  • Carlton Aukeman – 616-325-3598
  • Todd Darling – 616-291-3978


Division 110 – 10 Ionia

Submitted by Project Engineer Jacob Otto

A new modern icon is taking shape in downtown Grand Rapids.  Check out the progress at 10 Ionia Residence Inn by Marriott. The general contractor is Wolverine Building Group.


Grand Rapids – Trench Safety Workshops

As part of our commitment to industry-leading safety, we are sponsoring Trench Safety Workshops on November 7, December 5 and January 9. In this five-hour course, attendees will learn the requirements of MIOSHA Part 9 – Trenching and Excavation Standards. Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will earn a formal certificate of completion: Trench Safety & Duties of the Qualified Person.

Who Should Attend?

  • Superintendents
  • Foremen
  • Right Hand Men
  • Safety Personnel
  • Crew Leaders

Contact your Division Manager if you are interested in this workshop. We’re inviting field personnel and safety managers from our key customers to attend too. Workshops are help from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at  84th Street Pub Grille.