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Open Enrollment & a Texas Team Award

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What is open enrollment & why is it important?

Open enrollment is a specific time period when you can freely enroll in or make changes to your medical, dental and other insurance benefits. Typically, you have to wait for a “qualifying life event” (like getting married or having a baby) to make changes to your insurance plan. Think of open enrollment like a grace period that allows you to make changes mid-year. In other words…open enrollment is the best time to adjust your benefits so they are the best fit for you!

Open enrollment is going on now through June 30th.

To add or change benefits, please contact Human Resources right away.

  • Grand Rapids, Traverse City, St. Louis: Sarah Miller
  • Redford: Liz Schwendemann
  • Ohio: Laura Armstrong
  • Southeast: Crystal McLaughlin
  • Texas: Tanya Escobedo


Kent Companies Texas – Commercial Division Wins Platinum Project Award

The American Subcontractors Association-North Texas Chapter awarded a Platinum project award to Arlington Logistics. The Texas Commercial Division performed the comprehensive concrete scope of work for the project. They placed over 1,250,000 square feet of slab on grade and set over 300 tilt-wall concrete panels across two buildings. Another 1,150,000 square feet of concrete paving completed the project. The Commercial Division team delivered the entire project on time and with zero lost time accidents.

(Left to Right: Wes Marek, Victor Marshall, Lance Ross, Luis Mendez, Erasmo Joaquin)

Division 3910 – St. Louis – Welcome Tim Meyer

Join us in welcoming Division Manager Tim Meyer to the St. Louis team! Tim assumes responsibility for all Division 3910 operations including commercial and residential sales performance, production and safety. Tim offers decades of experience in the foundation industry, and a tremendous network throughout the St. Louis area. Welcome, Tim!


Toolbox Tips: Ladder Safety

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries on the job. Take extra time to ensure ladders are safe across your job site.

  • Do not use makeshift ladders, and inspect the ladder before use.
  • Never use a ladder that has broken or missing rungs or other defects.
  • If you are not the one using the ladder, stay back from it to avoid falling objects and the chance of tipping the ladder.

For additional safety protocol to avoid slips, trips and falls, contact your safety managers.