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Open Enrollment Reminder + Video

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FSA Health & Dependent Care Open Enrollment

Deadline: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

It’s open enrollment time for the health and dependent care flexible spending accounts (FSA) for the 2020 calendar year.  We are moving from WageWorks to Basic as our plan provider.

What are FSA Qualified Expenses?

Medical, dental vision, hearing and various therapies qualify for FSA. Click here for an explanation sheet.

Here’s what you need to know:


Kent Companies Southeast – DCC Hawkins

General Contractor: Concorde Construction Company

the Hawk is a 13 story apartment building situated in Charlotte’s South End district. Our scope included concrete foundations, slab on grade and 3″ precast toppings on all levels including the roof. We deployed a 63-meter pump – the biggest in the Carolinas – to reach the rooftop.

Project Manager Steve Clark shared, “This is probably the tightest site we have worked on.  No more than 10’ from face of building to adjacent buildings, roads or property lines.”

The slab on grade features Cupolex as part of the vapor intrusion mitigation plan. This is the first installation by the Southeast team. CUPOLEX Plastic Dome Shaped Concrete Forms are stay-in-place forms that create an under-slab void that can be passively or mechanically vented to remove moisture and soil gases to protect the building.



Building Stronger Connections

Texas Accounting Team Walks a Day in Field Boots 

“There are so many challenges the guys in the field face every day, like weather and safety hazards.”  Becky Csolak was one of nine accounting team members who participated in job site tours this fall. The team learned to connect project materials, supplies and job phases to everyday accounting processes. Beyond technical details, the accounting team gained an appreciation for the hard work put forth by the field team every day. She continued, “This was a great learning experience for me. It showed me how hard the guys in the field work and how they overcome challenges we don’t have to consider every day.”

Project Manager Gary Strowd led job site tours for the team. Diana Ramirez shared, “I have worked in concrete for over 10 years but some of the things Gary explained to me I never knew. You could see everyone in the field focused on their tasks, yet working together to get the job done.”

Frankie Barragan added, “The productivity stood out the most to me. While we were there, the field guys continued working hard and focused on completing the job. It was amazing to see how fast and productive they were working. Also safety was another one that I noticed at the sites. Everyone were wearing their safety clothing and using the tools in a safe manner. There was also a field worker using the harness while climbing up on the column to make sure he doesn’t fall.”

He continued, “The biggest surprise to me was to see how detailed the job sites were. I saw different equipment and supplies and learned what they are used for. It was nice to actually too see the materials/equipment in person that I remember from the invoices.”

Teresa Anderson shared, “My job makes a lot more sense after seeing activity in the field. Seeing the actual size, scale and scope of the job when it comes to billing percentage of completed line items gives me a much better understanding of what it is that I am billing and why.”


14 Ways the EAC Can Help

The EAC is available to full-time KCI and KSE employees to help with personal problems, work challenges, mental health, skill building, family problems, tension intervention, life changes and more.  Click here for a list of 14 ways the EAC can help you!

How do I access the Employee Assistance Center?

User Name:

  • KCI employees:  Use “KCI”
  • KCSE employees: Use “KCSE”

Or, call 1-800-227-0905

What does it cost?

Initial appointments at the EAC are available free of charge.