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Ring the Bell – Contract Awards for the KCTX Commercial Division

Project: Haverty’s Warehouse Expansion

  • Estimator: Phillip Linden
  • General Contractor: KDB Group
  • Scope: 150,000 square foot warehouse expansion with DuctilCrete floor system, the first installation for Kent Companies Texas.

Project: QTS DFW DC3 Data Center

  • Estimator: Wes Marek
  • General Contractor: Turner Construction
  • Scope: 300,000 square foot slab on metal deck and 150,000 square feet of mud slab.

Project: Westgate Business Park #2

  • Estimator: Wes Marek
  • General Contractor: Links Construction
  • Scope: 175,000 square foot tilt wall warehouse with 200,000 square feet of paving.