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The RED Code: The Cole Family

Para leer este boletín en Español, abra el mensaje en su navegador y seleccione “Español” en el menú de idioma. En su teléfono, desplácese hasta la parte inferior para buscar el menú de idioma y seleccione “Español.”

Meet the Cole Family

Throughout every season, there are leaders who step up to help our team deliver more. This leadership story is from Joe Cole and JC Cole, one of many multi-generational families at Kent Companies.


Protect Yourself from Heat Stress

Many of us have worked in hot conditions. The heat can make us tired, irritable and thirsty. If our bodies build up more heat than they can cope with, we may become very ill. Building up more heat than we can handle is called heat stress.

  • Heat stress can be life-threatening. It requires immediate medical attention.
  • Symptoms of heat stress include exhaustion, dizziness, loss of coordination, severe thirst
  • and confusion.
  • Drink more water than you think you need if you are working in hot conditions.
  • Drink enough water so your urine remains light yellow with little or no smell.


  • Take regular breaks in the shade!
  • Stop what you are doing and ask for help if the heat is making you dizzy or sick!
  • DRINK more water than you think you need!
  • DRINK it frequently and in small amounts!


  • Drink alcohol if you are working or going to work in the heat!
  • Remove your Personal Protective Equipment in hazardous situations if you get hot!
  • Be afraid to take immediate action if you think a co-worker is suffering from heat stress!


Texas Team: Open Enrollment – June 1

Head’s up from the Texas HR team! Open enrollment begins in June. You’ll see more information and reminders with your pay stubs soon. For questions, contact Tanya Escobedo.


Save the Date!

  • Ohio – Tuesday, May 28th – 11am at the Shop
  • St. Louis – Tuesday, May 28th – 3:30pm at the Courtyard St. Louis Chesterfield
  • Redford – Wednesday, May 29th – 8am at The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport
  • Charlotte – Wednesday, May 29th – 3pm at Fort Mill Country Club
  • Traverse City – Thursday, May 30th – More information to follow.
  • Grand Rapids – Thursday, May 30th – 3:30pm at Crossroads Event Center