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The RED Feed: Scholarship Reminder & February Project Roundup

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Make it Happen Scholarship Applications – Due March 31st!

From the desk of Mindy Curtiss, Human Resources Director

Why do I love the Make it Happen Scholarship Program? It’s more than an employee benefit…it’s an investment in the Kent family. I strongly believe in investing in the future of young people. I am a product of a company investing in my education, and it has benefited me tremendously throughout my career. I love that we’re able to assist our employees and their all-star students with the financial burden that comes with continuing education. It makes me truly proud to work for Kent Companies. We’re proud of the hard work you put forth every day, and we’re proud that you’re instilling these same values in your children and dependents as well.

We accept scholarship applications now through March 31st. After the deadline, a committee of employees from across the company judges the applications. It’s a blind judging process in order to make it fair to everyone who applies.

I speak for the entire scholarship committee when I tell you that love learning about your students’ goals and aspirations. We also hear from previous scholarship winners who share their experience from the academic year. Check out these recent thank you notes:

  • “The Kent Companies Scholarship has helped me tremendously through my first year of college. It has helped financially toward my tuition, and I am extremely thankful. The scholarship through Kent Companies allowed me to have a successful first year of college at MSU and made it financially easier for my family. I would recommend applying to anyone who is applicable. It is a great opportunity and will continue to help me throughout my schooling!” – Sarah Shafer, daughter of Phil Shafer (Grand Rapids)
  • I am a Geology major at The University of Oklahoma. I received the Kent Companies ‘Make It Happen’ Scholarship in the fall of 2017, and it really helped with financing during my first semester at OU. It helped cover tuition and incidentals such as purchasing textbooks, room and board, supplies, and field trips. There are always things that pop up that weren’t in the original budget, and having this scholarship helped to make my first semester at college easier and slightly less stressful. I am very grateful to have received it. #BoomerSooner!” – Kenzi Freeman, daughter of Victor & Wanda Freeman (Dallas)

Scholarship Program Eligibility:

  1. Applicant must be the legal dependent child of a full time Kent Companies employee and be under the age of 26.
  2. Applicant must be enrolled full time in a college, university or technical/trade school.
  3. Applicant must have a 3.0 grade point average. High school or College grade transcripts must be submitted with all applications.
  4. Applicants who have applied previously must complete the entire application process in order to be considered.

Click here to download a scholarship application.

The deadline to apply is March 31st 2018.

Kent Companies Texas – Commercial Division

Project: Park 820

Hallmarks: Productivity, Customer Service

Kudos to Gabriel Enriquez for earning these compliments from Ridgemont Commercial Construction:

“We really have to throw an ATTA-BOY out to Gabriel Enriquez for keeping up progress, even through a few of the toughest hurdles. He really keeps a positive forward drive and has been great to work with. We appreciate the professionalism and overall heart that Kent Companies brings to our job site every day!”

About the Project:

  • Project Manager: George Sellers
  • General Superintendent: Luis Mendez
  • Superintendent: Gabriel Enriquez
  • Building 1 includes 220,000 square feet of slab on grade; 169 piers; 102 tilt-wall panels and 297,000 square feet of concrete paving.
  • Building 2 includes 270,000 square feet of slab on grade; 173 piers; 102 tilt-wall panels and 224,000 square feet of concrete paving.


Division 110 – Commercial Concrete 

With a little help from our friends…

Divisions 110, 1610, 1810, 3410 and 210 worked together to make big pours happen across West Michigan.The Division 110 project managers expressed their thanks to the field for their dedication this week:

“It has been a cold couple of weeks in Michigan. But our field team has been incredibly diligent preparing for all of the activity going on this week. The weather has posed a good number of challenges, but our team steps up every time. Hopefully everybody can enjoy a few warm couple of days along with feeling the satisfaction of all their hard work.”   – Jordan Berens, Senior Project Manager

Check out these project photos and updates!

601 Bond – Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Topped out the 6th floor parking ramp roof; a 7,000 square foot pour with 250 cubic yards of concrete.

Exchange Place – Kalamazoo, Michigan

  • Snow removal prior to pouring level 4 east.

150 Ottawa – Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Poured the west deck level 4 as well as east core and columns.

351 Western – Muskegon, Michigan

  • Click here to see drone footage from the most recent deck pour at 351 Western.


Division 1910 – Deep Foundation Solutions

From the desk of Duane Andrus, Vice President

Project: Cedar Crest Dairy, Hudsonville, Michigan

About the Project:

In December 2017, the Division 1910 team began installing 340 piers at Cedar Crest Dairy, which is located in Hudsonville, Michigan. The piers will support a 26,000 square foot addition that includes a commercial freezer for storing perishable products.

The building design features a double-layer flooring system. Overall, the project requires 119 piers around the perimeter of the building and over 220 for the interior.

Each day, the crew stages new material for installation. They are installing 22 piers per day on average. The piers vary in depth from 21 feet to 49 feet. Drain tile and pea stone will be placed prior to the installation of the base concrete slab.

Communication is key on this project. There is only one access point for the building, and a lot of other subcontractors have machinery on site. Our team remains flexible and responsive to our customer’s needs. We adjust our installation plans frequently to help other subcontractors address their own work as quickly as possible. Kudos to the Division 1910 for your commitment to customer service and productivity on a congested job site.



From the desk of Matt Brozowski, Division Manager

Division 3010 – Steelcase

  • Our team is providing concrete polishing services for the Christman Construction, which is operating as the construction manager.

Division 3110 – 50 Monroe Place – CWD Building – Grand Rapids, Michigan

General Contractor: Owens-Ames-Kimball

The CWD Building in downtown Grand Rapids is moving forward in its transformation into a Marriott Hotel and commercial center. (You may remember Division 310’s recent work on this project.) Our team is stepping in to provide interior masonry renovation throughout the entire building. Over the course of the project, we’ll complete roughly 45,000 square feet of tuckpointing. Our scope includes a lot of brick removal and replacement, infilling of openings and creating new openings.


Kudos to Division 110’s Teo Rocha!

In case you missed it, Teo prepared homemade grilled tacos for over 50 of his teammates at 150/140 Ottawa. Check out the Facebook post here. Over 1,800 people saw this post, making it our most popular update last week.Thanks for helping feed the team, Teo!