Employee Information

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The Numbers

PROFITABILITY – consistently profitable; is profit-driven; demonstrates an understanding that profit is the life-blood of the company.(Required)
PROJECTIONS – sets aggressive revenue and profitability goals; works diligently to meet them.(Required)
DETAILS – consistently handles details and “small stuff”; ensures that all subordinates do the same.(Required)
ACCOUNTING – invests appropriate time in reviewing and understanding accounting reports; uses the same to ensure and enhance profitability and other company priorities.(Required)
POLICY – consistently follows company policy and ensures that subordinates do the same; provides feedback and ideas for new and better policies.(Required)


THE PEOPLE BUSINESS – demonstrates an understanding that we are in the people business.(Required)
PROVIDES PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK – provides accurate feedback to employees; evaluates progress in a timely manner.(Required)
INTEGRITY – is honest and dependable; treats subordinates, colleagues and others with respect; demonstrates good character.(Required)
BUSINESS UNIT TEAM – continually develops a cohesive and high-performing team within his/her division(s).(Required)
OVERALL TEAM – works as a productive member of the overall Kent Team; demonstrates an understanding of what is best for the company as a whole; has good and productive relationships with colleagues.(Required)


SAFETY AS A PRIORITY – makes safety the top priority for all aspects of operations; ensures that subordinates do the same.(Required)
SAFETY POLICY AND PROCEDURE – follows all safety policies and procedures, including risk assessments, accident reporting, accident investigations and documentation of near misses.(Required)

Productivity and Quality

PERSONALLY PRODUCTIVE – manages time and demands on his/her time well; handles all details.(Required)
DIVISIONAL PRODUCTIVITY – monitors, communicates about and seeks to improve productivity for his/her division.(Required)
PERSONAL QUALITY – presents themselves in a professional and knowledgeable manner; communicates in person and in writing in a professional and high-quality manner.(Required)
WORK QUALITY – works to understand and shape customer expectations; ensures that subordinates produce quality work product that meets the same.(Required)

Customer Service

CUSTOMER FOCUS – understands the customer service pledge and teaches the importance of it to subordinates; seeks out and works to meet and exceed customer expectation.(Required)
GROWTH-ORIENTED – works to increase business from current customers and grow customer base.(Required)

Goals for the Coming Year(Required)
Areas for Improvement(Required)
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