Employee Information

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Organizes the personal workspace to minimize the likelihood of an accident or other unsafe situation.(Required)
Performs work in a safe manner at all times. Avoids shortcuts that increase health and safety risks to self or others.(Required)
Checks for and reports potential hazards or variations from plans while in the workplace/field.(Required)


Remains aware and takes care of details that are easy to overlook or dismiss as insignificant.(Required)
Makes reasonable estimates of resource needs to achieve goals. Uses sound methods to plan and track work and commitments. Evaluates progress on tasks and adjusts work style as needed.(Required)
Prioritizes tasks by importance and deadline. Discerns what is crucial. Adjusts priorities as circumstances change.(Required)


Focuses time and effort on key tasks. Groups related tasks to be more efficient. Easily transitions between tasks and picks up where left off when interrupted.(Required)
Checks work to ensure accuracy and completeness.(Required)
Performs tasks with care and is thorough. Makes few if any errors. Inspects finished work to ensure expectations are met and there are no inconsistencies.(Required)

Customer Service

Provides status reports and progress updates as needed. Seeks feedback and ensures needs have been fully met.(Required)
Delivers products and/or services when and where they are needed. Explores options when unable to meet deadlines, and finds solutions until the customer and/or work is satisfied.(Required)
Focuses on the customer’s business results, rather than own. Goes above and beyond basic service expectations to help implement complete solutions.(Required)

Strengths Finder

Goals for the Coming Year(Required)
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